ForAge Forum: Gender issues: learning for men and women

  • Gender issues: learning for men and women

    14.3.2013 19:32
    • If learning was oriented to the individual needs of the prospective learner then there would be less need to consider gender issues. These individual needs must also reflect cultural, national, class, race, gender issues and early school experiences (success/failure, gender segregation, age of leaving, extended opportunity, etc). • The changes in our communities across Europe have had a detrimental effect on the provision of ‘locations’ for working class men to engage with others within their communities. • When gender specific learning opportunities are created then they should be based on the locations where men/women gather. Cafes, sports facilities, etc. However these opportunities should only be seen as first steps to encourage (not coerce) people into other forms and locations for learning and/or other community activity. Please let us know your opinion about these issues

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